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Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation, by Christy Byrne Yates, M.S.

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Combining straightforward research and memoir, Christy introduces the reader to a challenge faced by nearly 50% of Americans—raising children while also caring for aging parents.

Christy offers insight into how this difficult time can also be an opportunity for family growth and love using principles of mindfulness and human behavior change.

Praise for Building a Legacy of Love...

 "I love the way Christy Yates takes us on her personal journey as a daughter and a caregiver...In this timely interdisciplinary look at the life of a generation, Christy Yates advances a new and powerful paradigm. Building a Legacy of Love is a must-read for everyone to understand the phenomenon of the Sandwich Generation." 

RENEE BALCOM, founder and CEO Silver Lining Network

"More often than not, the Sandwich Generation shift is usually an unexpected lifestyle occurrence that directly impacts family finances with no advance planning...Christy's book is the roadmap for anyone navigating this journey and definitely a must-read if you have primary responsibility for an aging parent."

CAROL HUNTER, The Money Mender

About the Author

Christy is the mother of two – now adult – children. She's been there as a working mother also caring for aging parents. She is an expert in navigating the challenges and opportunities in life including living in the “Sandwich Generation," special needs education, and parenting.  She incorporates meditation, mindfulness practices, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) into her work along with other evidence-based practices to support SANDWICH GENERATION parents and other caregivers.  In California, she is also a Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP),  author, speaker, and coach.

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