Navigate Life's Challenges and Opportunities

From smooth sailing and calm waters to gale force winds and hurricanes - our stamina and skills are often challenged. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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Strategies for Self Care 

5 simple strategies for how to keep yours and your loved ones' mental health safe during shelter-in-place.

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Navigate with Christy

My life has taken a number of twists and turns, from battling a painful childhood illness to caring for my aging parents at the end of their life while working full time and raising two children. Somehow, I managed to navigate from challenge to opportunity - sometimes the easy way, and many times the hard way!

What I have come to know is that our outlook, our mindset, how we choose every day to see ourselves and others, is the key to navigating our way.

I am now dedicated to helping people break through what might be holding them back from living their best life. I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist with a passion for helping people living in the SANDWICH GENERATION - those folks who are raising children while also caring for aging parents.

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YES to Your Best Self Coaching

Do you have dreams of what life ‘could’ be like, but seem to drift or get distracted?

Coaching is future focused.  Coaching is geared toward sharpening your skill set, building habits that work for you, and helping you reach your goals in a manner that fits with your values and lifestyle.

Say YES to Your Best Self
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Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

47% of Americans have children in the home AND are caring for a parent over the age of 65.  Welcome to the Sandwich Generation!  Learn how to manage, facilitate, leverage resources and build and maintain a wonderful life for all your loved ones - AND YOU!

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Ignite Your Parenting

Grab a copy of the international best-seller Ignite Your Parenting, which Christy co-authored.

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