Coaching Caregivers

Are you caring for aging parents, a loved one, children? Do you find yourself overwhelmed and struggling to swim to the top?

I've been there. As a working mother and as a mother in the "Sandwich Generation" I've been in that place of overwhelm. 

Let me help you find your way back to clarity and purpose.

I coach caregivers to manage the overwhelm and chaos so they can show up joyfully for themselves and those they love most!

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Strategies for Self Care 

5 simple strategies for how to keep yours and your loved ones' mental health safe during shelter-in-place.

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Find Clarity with Christy

My life has taken a number of twists and turns, from battling a painful childhood illness to caring for my aging parents at the end of their life while working full time and raising two children. Somehow, I managed to navigate from challenge to opportunity - sometimes the easy way, and many times the hard way!

What I have come to know is that our outlook, our mindset, how we choose every day to see ourselves and others, is the key to navigating our way.

I am now dedicated to helping people break through what might be holding them back from living their best life. I am a Licensed Educational Psychologist with a passion for helping people living in the SANDWICH GENERATION - those folks who are raising children while also caring for aging parents.

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Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

47% of Americans have children in the home AND are caring for a parent over the age of 65.  Welcome to the Sandwich Generation!  Learn how to manage, facilitate, leverage resources and build and maintain a wonderful life for all your loved ones - AND YOU!

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Ignite Your Parenting

Grab a copy of the international best-seller Ignite Your Parenting, which Christy co-authored.

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