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Educating to empower.

We know what we know, and we know what we don't know.

It's the stuff we don't know we don't know that can sneak up on us, especially when we're stressed out.

When we're stressed to near breaking point, it's often difficult to pull back the lens and see all the issues and options in front of us. Constant stress can interfere with our decision-making abilities because we're in fight, flight, freeze or fawn mode.

As a mental health professional with over 40 years of working with various populations, and as someone who's been squeezed in the Sandwich Generation, my aim is to share resources, connections, and useful frameworks to help you make informed and empowering choices in caring for yourself, your family, and the people you serve.

“We had the pleasure of having Christy present to our group on Self-Care. She is full of wisdom, love, and the humor she brings across is contagious. Her authenticity is refreshing.” 

- Sandy Jessica Colling, Owner & CEO Sandy J. Colling, Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Women Empowered

Christy's Story


I always wanted to be a writer, so it was no surprise I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in English and Communication.  

But life takes its turn. A year or two after graduation, I felt called to do more work helping people.

I attended the University of Southern California and earned a Master's in Counseling Psychology. From there, I worked with young adults with Learning Disabilities, helping them learn job and independent living skills. This was when the Americans with Disabilities Act was first passed, so I helped form a regional network of agencies dedicated to helping people with special needs find employment. Over a few years, I also worked with women and men on parole and families and individuals who were homeless.

Managing transitions, case management, and wellness soon became areas of expertise.


After marriage and having two children, I turned to education, first as a Special Education teacher and then as a School Psychologist, earning two professional credentials along the way.

At a certain point, my aging parents also started to need me.

This was one of the most challenging periods of my adult life.

With a lot of research, education, and support, I managed to get through caring for my parents for over six years while also working full-time and raising two children. I have now turned my efforts to supporting others during some of the most challenging endeavors in life:  parenting and caring for aging parents.

And I wrote my first book: "Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation." 

Now I bring my expertise in managing transitions, case management, and wellness, along with knowledge of human development and education, to the challenges those in the Sandwich Generation face. 

I sincerely believe that life's challenges are our most significant opportunities.


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