Christy speaks to groups virtually and in person about the challenges and gifts of the Sandwich Generation, Self Care, and Caregiving. She's been a guest speaker and workshop facilitator for multinational law firms, technology firms, various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and Assisted Living communities. Combining her training and expertise in human development with her personal experience of caring for both parents, Christy is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader. She's the Author of "Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation," a Champion, Whole Care Network mastermind member, and co-host of the popular Podcast from AlzAuthors, "Untangling Alzheimer's & Dementia."

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Christy is an insightful and engaging speaker who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to her presentations, providing her audience with life-affirming, practical strategies focused on navigating through some of life’s ordinary, yet difficult challenges, such as:


Thriving inside the Sandwich Generation
Integrating self-care into daily life
Whole Family Wellness
Managing life transitions with greater ease
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“Christy was wonderful to work with throughout the process for our event. She was collaborative and flexible with us when finalizing the content of her two presentations, which were engaging and informative for our participants. We received rave reviews from individuals who listened to Christy speak – she was also named repeatedly in our evaluations when we asked which speakers attendees would like to hear from again in the future.”

Tiffany Strah, Outreach Director, The Law Practice of Dennison Keller, LLC

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"Christy offered tremendous learning and insight in two different workshops she facilitated during our annual elder care symposium. I especially admired her sharing of her personal journey through the knowledge she provided in the sessions. This made the time more meaningful to the participants’ own experiences too. She exuded both expertise and relatability with us."

Merne Pratt, Eldercare Coordinator

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"I want to thank you for our discussion yesterday! I really appreciate you sharing your insight and expertise on this topic with me and other associates at our company. It was a helpful conversation for people in the Sandwich Generation (or will be soon) to hear."

Stephanie, Parenting/Caregiver ERG Lead

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“We had the opportunity to have Christy speak at our ‘Silver Lining Network’ meeting and she was FANTASTIC!! I love her practical delivery of science-based information.”

- Renee Balcom, Silver Lining Network

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“We had the pleasure of having Christy present to our group on Self-Care for Women. She is full of wisdom, love, and the humor she brings across is contagious. Her authenticity is refreshing.” 

- Sandy Jessica Colling, founder of Women Empowered, hosted by Revive You