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47% of Americans have children in the home AND are caring for a parent over the age of 65.  Welcome to the Sandwich Generation!  Learn how to manage, facilitate, leverage resources and build and maintain a wonderful life for all your loved ones - AND YOU!


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Christy and Brad will be doing a Facebook Live presentation on launch day called Tapping into a Legacy of Love.  We'll do some live EFT/Tapping to allow a greater experience of peace, joy and love.  It will also be our 25th Anniversary.  Come celebrate with us!

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Tuesday, April 27th @ 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern

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If you would like to purchase multiple copies (i.e. to give to clients if you are an estate planner, senior services coordinator, etc.), contact me for 20% off bulk orders of 10 copies or more.

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As a contributing author to the international bestseller “Ignite Your Parenting,” Christy shares her insights into parenting while part of the Sandwich Generation.
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