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Curiosity - the Best Attention

Our children and students often ask us for help or may complain about something being too hard. Sometimes, the best attention could be engaging our child or student starting with our curiosity—which shows them we care.

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Executive Functioning

How do we make decisions? Control our impulses? Get projects done on time? We use our Executive Functioning Skills! Children's brains are continuing to grow well into young adulthood. Parents and teachers can help them along the way. 

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Family Games That Teach

Games are fun and they build skills! Having fun together as a family can help build strong family ties, but games also have a lot to teach us. Learning can be so much fun.

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Family & Parenting Websites/Resources

There are a gazillion GREAT parenting websites and books out there. Here are some of my favorites!

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La curiosidad

Spanish version of "Curiosity - The Best Attention"

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Funciones ejecutivas

Executive Functioning handout in Spanish.

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Motivation and Resilience Powerpoint

PowerPoint slides for Christy's parent presentation on motivation and resilience.

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