Yes2Learning offers several types of assessments including:

  • Comprehensive psychoeducational assessment.  This assessment explores cognitive and IQ processes, psychological and neuropsychological processing academic achievement.  It also includes standard components of a full assessment including clinical interview, developmental history, social-emotional evaluation as needed, observations, and records review.
  • Cognitive or IQ Testing. This type of testing provides information for Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs or MENSA programs.
  • ADHD Assessment. These assessments are for school-age children and adults for educational purposes. Along with the evaluation, this assessment also includes recommendations for accommodations, strategies, and supports.
  • Individual Educational Evaluations (IEES.) Sometimes a parent disagrees with a school team's decision regarding Special Education eligibility. According to the California Educational Code, section 56329(b), parents and guardians, have the right "to obtain, at public expense, an independent educational assessment of the pupil from qualified specialists, as defined by regulations of the board, if the parent or guardian disagrees with an assessment obtained by the public education agency." This means a parent or guardian may ask for another assessment by an "outside" but qualified professional if they believe the assessment done by the school was inadequate, inappropriate or flawed. Parents may ask the district to pay for this assessment. 
  • Fees are $200.00 per hour. Following an initial consultation and prior to the assessment beginning, a detailed estimate will be provided. Payment of an estimated 50% of the total will be paid before the evaluation can begin. 


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