Your "TLC Breakfast Sandwich!"

Join this weekly 60-minute facilitated support group to get YOUR weekly fill of Tender Loving Care! 

You can't give to others if you're running on empty.

First group begins Wednesday, August 4, 2021, at 6:00 am PST.

Based on demand, groups may be added


What will the group be like?

  • Small group - limited to 15 persons
  • Opportunity to share at your own comfort level
  • A safe space free from judgment, criticism, and solicitation from group members
  • Skilled facilitation - Christy has led support groups, coaching groups, and other learning groups for over 30 years

Are you faced with choosing between your parents and your children?  Do you find managing multiple agencies and providers overwhelming? Are sibling relationships strained? Is your marriage or partnership at risk? Have you become aware of snapping more at those you love the most?

You might be running on empty.

 Take time for YOU!

You are worth 60 minutes each week dedicated to the supporting comfort of a community with others who can identify with your struggle.

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

There is a monthly fee of $37.

Got questions? Click Here to schedule a quick discovery call with Christy.

Are you juggling kids and work, and now find yourself managing or providing direct care for an aging parent? Welcome to the Sandwich Generation! You have a lot of company, even if you didn’t know it. Nearly 50% of Americans are in the Sandwich Generation and since the pandemic, those numbers are growing. So where do YOU go for support? Who might understand the twilight zone of easing your youngest out of diapers while nudging a parent to begin using them? The mixed emotions of handing your car keys to your newly-licensed teen while desperately trying to convince your parent they should give up their keys? The shifting relationship between you and your parent as you become the “boss?” The strange realization that it is possible to hold unimaginable joy and grief in your heart at the same time?

I recall when I had my first child how much I valued a “Mommy and Me” support group. It was a weekly gathering I looked forward to because other “new” moms were there who could relate, cry and laugh with me as I stumbled through this major transition in my life—just like them. I didn’t fear judgment, scorn, or ridicule even if I asked what I thought was a dumb question. We all had questions and none of them were dumb. 

Since that time, finding support for new stages in my life has been incredibly valuable. As a professional working in mental health endeavors, and later in K-12 settings, I’ve often benefitted from being a participant in support groups as well as facilitating such groups. Learning from books, articles, and lectures is great, but I found meeting others who were in similar situations a great source of learning and comfort.

This is why I am excited to offer a weekly support group for people in the Sandwich Generation. Whatever your “Sandwich” might look like, if you are balancing children, aging parents, and work, or some other “caregiving combo,” you are welcome to join “TLC Breakfast Sandwich.”

This is a 60-minute facilitated support group offering a place to share concerns, questions, wins, and challenges with others who really “get it!” I’m offering this at 6:00 am Pacific Time beginning Wednesday, August 4, 2021, in order to give space to parents who may need to hustle their kids to school or may need a rest after a long night with a parent who needed care. While the group will meet virtually on Zoom, there is no need to dress up! Come as you are and feel free to keep your video off! Just grab your cup of coffee, tea, or whatever and show up for some Tender Loving Care focused on YOU.

As a facilitated support group, this is designed to be a safe space. Members will not be permitted to solicit others, sell their products or services, correct or criticize fellow members. This is not a faith-based group—all faiths and non-secular folks welcome. This is a place to speak openly, authentically, listen, and share your own perspective while hearing from others who can relate. 

The cost is $37 per month, or roughly, $10 per week. The group is limited to 15 people so that maximum support is gained by each member. That’s a Venti Latte and a Breakfast Sandwich! But can a coffee shop offer you the same level of TLC? 

If you are interested in more personalized coaching that can support you in your Sandwich Generation journey, please feel free to schedule a 30-minute discovery call by clicking here: Contact Christy. I will also be offering a more directed e-course focused on Thriving in the Sandwich Generation in the near future. Follow me on Facebook at ChristyByrneYates to learn more about that, or join my email list and receive a free handout on Self-Care during these challenging times Sign Me Up.

I look forward to gathering with you! I wish you well on your journey. I know you are doing great things even when it feels crazy.  

Lead with love, always. 

PS - If you are NOT a member of the Sandwich Generation, but know someone who is, please forward this information to them. Thank you. :)


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